Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science


This degree program offers preparation for employment as Exercise Science practitioners in:  health agencies, hospitals, fitness centers, business and industry, research laboratories, or any other setting which provides physical fitness enhancement programs for clients and patients.  A number of students go on to graduate school in the Pre-Professional Health field. The courses in this major prepare the student to sit for the American College of Sports Medicine EP-C credentialing exam.

Program Highlights:

  • The Exercise Science program is accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Pre-Kinesiology

Freshmen, transfer students, and change-of-major students seeking admission to the Exercise Science major must declare Pre-Kinesiology as a major. Admission to Pre-Kinesiology does not automatically admit an applicant to the Exercise Science Major.

Requirements for Admission to Upper Division Exercise Science Major

The Exercise Science Education Program (Upper Division) has a selective admissions process. Admission decisions to the Upper Division Exercise Science Major are made by the Coordinator of the Exercise Science Program. Students who have completed all of the Pre-Kinesiology prerequisites may apply for the upper division of the Exercise Science Education Program. Applicants must meet the following minimum academic requirements as well as submit a completed Exercise Science Program application.

  1. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better in all college course work;
  2. Completion of 36 hours of coursework;
  3. Successful completion of the following courses with a "C" or better at the time of application. Please note that applicants who are enrolled in required classes at the time of application may still apply but formal admission will be contingent upon successful completion of those classes prior to the fall semester.
  • Anatomy and Physiology I (KNES 2168, 2168L)
  • Anatomy and Physiology II (KNES 2160, 2169L)
  • Chemistry (CHEM 1200, 1251, 1251L)
  • College Algebra (MATH 1100)
  • Statistics (STAT 1222)
  • Introduction to Kinesiology (KNES 2150)

Note: CHEM 1200 is not required if you already have successfully completed CHEM 1251 & CHEM 1251L.

  1. Completion of the Exercise Science application and this must be submitted to the Exercise Science Program coordinator on or before the stated deadline. 
  2. Completion of the "Exercise Science Education Program Application." Please note that students applying to the program must sign a statement indicating they have read the College of Health and Human Services Technical Standards for Undergraduate Programs, located in the College Student Handbook and in the Exercise Science Student Handbook here.

The Exercise Science program considers application for admission without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 120 semester hours. See the Curriculum for the suggested course of study.
  2. Complete all courses required by the university and the program.
  3. Achieve a grade of "C" or better in all required courses.
  4. Complete upper division courses successfully and in the sequence indicated below.
  5. Maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average.


  1. A grade of "C" or better is required in all courses marked with an asterisk.
  2. All prerequisites must be successfully completed before taking a course.
  3. All requirements (marked in bold) must be completed before being considered for the Upper Division Exercise Science Major.

Pre-Kinesiology 1st semester (14-16 hours)
KNES 2168* - Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Professions (3 credits)
KNES 2168L* - Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Profession Lab  (1 credit)
MATH 1100* - College Algebra and Probability (3 credits)
HAHS 1000 - Prospect for Success (1 or 3 credits)
LBST 1101, 1102, 1103, 1004, or 1105 (3 credits) - Arts and Society

Pre-Kinesiology  2nd semester (16-17 hours)
KNES 2150* - Introduction to Kinesiology (3 credits)
KNES 2169*- Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Professions II (3 credits)
KNES 2169L*- Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Profession  II Lab  (1 credit)
CHEM 1200* - Fundamentals of Chemistry (3 credits)
UWRT - Writing and Inquiry Academic Context (3 or 4 credits)
XXXX-XXXX – Elective (3)

Pre-Kinesiology  3rd semester (16 hours)
CHEM 1251* - General Chemistry I (3 credits)
CHEM 1251L*- General Chemistry Lab (1 credit)
LBST 2101 - Western Tradition (3 credits)
LBST 2301 - Critical Thinking (3 credits)
STAT 1222* - Introduction to Statistics (3 credits) Social Sciences Reqs (3 credits)

Exercise Science Major Level 4th semester (16 hours)
LBST 2200 series - LBST 2214 Issues of Health and Quality of Life (3 credits)
LBST 2102 - Global and Intercultural Connectionst (3 credits)
KNES 2290* - Emergency Medical Response (3 credits)
KNES2298* - Applied Kinesiology (3 credits)
KNES 2101* - Foundation of Physical Conditioning (3) (O)
Activity Course* – KNES 1000 level courses (1)

Exercise Science Major Level  5th semester (16 hours)
KNES 2294* - Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3 credits)
KNES 3260* - Nutrition for the Physically Active (3 credits)
KNES 3280* - Exercise Physiology: Foundation and Theory (3 credits)
KNES 3281* - Exercise Physiology: Principles and Application (3 credits) (W)
Activity Course(s)* – KNES 1000 level courses (1 credit)
Elective (3)

Exercise Science Major Level II  6th semester (11-16 hours)
KNES 3285* - Principles of Strength and Conditioning (3 credits)
KNES 3286* - Exercise Testing : Foundation and Theory (3 credits)
KNES 3287* - Exercise Testing: Principles and Application (3 credit) (W)
KNES 4293* - Biomechanics (3)
Activity Course* – KNES 1000 level courses (1 credit)
Electives (3)

Exercise Science Major Level III  7th semester (15 hours)
KNES 4121* - Pharmacology for the Physically Active (3 credits)
KNES 4286* - Exercise Prescription (3 credits)
KNES 3100* - Organization & Administration of Exercise Science (3 credits)
KNES 4660* - Practitioner Seminar (3 credits)
Elective (3) 

Exercise Science Major Level IV  8th semester (12 hours)
KNES 4132* - Lifetime Weight Management and Behavior Change (3 credits)
KNES 4490* - Exercise Science Internship (9 credits) 


Student Handbooks are available on the Student Resources web page.

Application Instructions

Please check the Exercise Science handbook for admissions requirements, copies of admissions forms, program requirements, and other program information.

Pre-Kinesiology Major

  1. Gain admission to the University.
  2. Enroll as a Pre-Kinesiology Major.

Upper Division Exercise Science

Check with Program Coordinator for application deadline.


  1. All applicants will be reviewed by the Exercise Science Program Coordinator.
  2. Applicants will be notified at the end of the Fall semester, after all grades have received via email of their status in the Exercise Science Education Program.


The following prerequisites are required of all students in the College of Health and Human Services before they can participate in internship experiences. For Exercise Science majors these prerequisites would be completed the fall before your senior spring internship. All courses except KNES 4132 must have been successfully completed (C or higher) before you may start your internship.  

  1. Immunization and Health Status. Prior to admission to clinical experiences, all students must submit evidence of a physical examination. The TB test must be repeated and the results submitted annually as long as the student is enrolled in clinical courses. Students must present documentation of a completing at least 2/3 of the series of HBV immunizations prior to any contact with patients/clients, or sign a declination form indicating a refusal of the vaccination.
  2. CPR Professional Rescuer. For all clinical courses, it is the student's responsibility to obtain and maintain CPR Professional Rescuer, AED certification, and Blood-Borne pathogen training.  Evidence must be submitted annually.
  3. Technical Standards. Prior to admission to the major all students must submit evidence via a physical examination of the ability to meet the required technical standards of the program.
  4. As a student in a professional program in the College of Health and Human Services, you will be asked by a internship facility to undergo drug testing and/or have a criminal background check before being allowed to participate in a clinical experience at that facility. All costs associated with drug testing and background checks are the responsibility of the student.

Exercise Science Program Contact Information:

Program Coordinator: 

Julie Marino 
Department of Kinesiology
Belk Gym 214
Phone: 704-687-7951
Fax: 704-687-0930

Internship Coordinators:

Brenda Ward
Department of Kinesiology
Belk Gymnasium 218
Phone: 704‑687‑0870
Fax: 704‑687‑0930

Tracy Bonoffski
Department of Kinesiology
Belk Gymnasium 217-B
Phone: 704‑687‑0859
Fax: 704‑687‑0930

Pre-Kinesiology Major Contact Information:

Ms. Andrea Swintal
CHHS Academic Advising Center
College of Health and Human Services
UNC Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
Phone: 704‑687‑7921
Fax: 704‑687‑1785