Applicants who satisfy freshman or transfer requirements for admission to the University and who apply to the Exercise Science majors are eligible for admission to the Pre-Kinesiology major. Students entering the university in Fall 2017 and after must meet the updated admissions criteria and will follow the revised program policies.  A suggested sequence of courses for Pre-Kinesiology students that meet these General Education requirements as well as the prerequisites for Exercise Science can be found in the menu to the left.

Students who apply for the Exercise Science major are initially classified as Pre-Kinesiology majors until they meet the following requirements: cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher; completion of 36 hours; and successful (grade of C or better) completion of EXER 2150, KNES 2168, KNES 2168L, KNES 2169, KNES 2169L, CHEM 1251, CHEM 1251L, and STAT 1222.  Admission to the Exercise Science major is becoming increasingly competitive.  Meeting the minimum eligilitity criteria does not guaranteee admission.  

Students applying for the Exercise Science major must make a grade of C or higher in the above courses and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher before making application to the EXER major.

Recommended Pre-Kinesiology Sequence

Pre-Kinesiology 1st semester (14-16 hours)
KNES 2168 - Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Professions (3 credits)
KNES 2168L - Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Profession Lab  (1 credit)
MATH 1100 - College Algebra and Probability (3 credits)
HAHS 1000 - Prospect for Success (1 or 3 credits)
LBST 1101, 1102, 1103, 1004, or 1105 (3 credits) - Arts and Society

Pre-Kinesiology  2nd semester (16-17 hours)
KNES 2150 - Introduction to Kinesiology (3 credits)
KNES 2169- Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Professions II (3 credits)
KNES 2169L- Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Profession  II Lab  (1 credit)
CHEM 1200 - Fundamentals of Chemistry (3 credits)
UWRT - Writing and Inquiry Academic Context (3 or 4 credits)
XXXX-XXXX – Elective (3)

Pre-Kinesiology  3rd semester (16 hours)
CHEM 1251 - General Chemistry I (3 credits)
CHEM 1251L- General Chemistry Lab (1 credit)
LBST 2101 - Western Tradition (3 credits)
LBST 2301 - Critical Thinking (3 credits)
STAT 1222 - Introduction to Statistics (3 credits) Social Sciences Reqs (3 credits)