Health Risk Assessment Program

The UNC Charlotte Department of Kinesiology, within the College of Health and Human Services, is proud to announce its new Health Risk Assessment Program.  Our services include an assessment of your identifiable health risk factors as well as an assessment of your “biological age” (sometimes called your body age).

Biological Age

When it comes to predicting your future health, quality of life, and length of life, your “biological age” is a much better indicator than your chronological age (the actual number of years that you have lived).  In addition to your identifiable health risk factors, our program will assess your biological age and the extent to which your body may be younger or older than your chronological age.  Are you “young for your years” or “old for your years”?  Regardless of the answer, our program will also give you personalized recommendations on how you become biologically younger, improve your health, and potentially improve both your quality of life and length of life.

Your personal health risk and biological age assessment session may include:

·      Body Composition (% body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, body mass index, etc.) – to assess risk of several body composition-related diseases

·      Blood Pressure – to assess risk of hypertension

·      Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) – to assess risk of cardiovascular disease

·      Exercise Stress Test with Electrocardiogram – to assess aerobic fitness and risk of cardiovascular disease

·      Blood Lipid Profile – to assess risk of cardiovascular disease

·      Blood Sugar Screening – to assess risk of diabetes

·      Advanced Glycation Endproduct Assessment – to assess risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and renal disease

·      Pulmonary Function Test – to assess lung function and risk of lung disease

·      Lifestyle Questionnaire – to assess a multitude of modifiable lifestyle factors affecting health risk and biological age

·      Personalized Consultation, with Interpretation of Results – Your estimated biological age and interpretation of health risk results, along with personalized recommendations for improving your numbers

Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years!

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 For information, or to schedule your personalized health risk and biological age assessment in advance, please contact us at 704-687-0874 or email Dr. Trudy Moore-Harrison at