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Athletic Training Alum Saves High School Soccer Player's Life

November 19, 2015

On an otherwise unremarkable afternoon, athletic trainer Heather Teague was making her rounds at Charlotte’s Providence Day School team practices, when a feeling in the pit of her stomach made her stop. Teague trained her eyes on one of the school’s many athletic fields.  She hadn’t been...

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VIDEO: The Science of the Sprain: The Aftermath of Ankle Injuries

November 18, 2015

For years, ankle sprains have been thought of as a painful annoyance, something you can recover from quickly with proper treatment. But new research at UNC Charlotte is calling into question the long term effects of the injury. Tricia Hubbard-Turner, an associate professor in...

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Respiratory therapy grads to present at international convention

October 8, 2015

Four recent UNC Charlotte graduates have been invited to present at the American Association for Respiratory Care international convention. The respiratory therapy majors, Sheila Ball (’15), Holly Harron (’15), Jamie Lemmon (’15) and Andrew Miller (’14), were selected based upon their final...

Concussions in Sports

VIDEO: Concussions in Sports: The State of Play

August 25, 2015

Better diagnostic tools and increased attention to concussions at the NFL level have dramatically altered public perception of concussions. UNC Charlotte Athletic Training Clinical Coordinator Bret Wood explains why one of the most dangerous injuries athletes face can also be one of...

High Heels

High Heels and Ankle Issues: A Trainer's Advice on How to Stay on Your Feet

July 6, 2015

A new study showing the negative effects of prolonged high heel use confirms expert consensus on the footwear, according to a UNC Charlotte expert. The study, published this month in the International Journal of Clinical Practice (IJCP), found that wearing high heels can strengthen the ankle...

Kinesiology tape

Ask an Expert: Kinesiology Tape

May 4, 2015

It first appeared in the public eye at the 2008 Summer Olympics. We wondered about the black lines stretched at bizarre angles across the bodies of the world's best athletes. It took a few days for announcers and viewers alike to figure out that the tape twisting across the shoulder...

Dr. Michael Turner to Direct Healthy Aging Research Academy (HARA)

December 4, 2014

The College of Health and Human Services is proud to announce that Dr. Michael Turner, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, will be taking on the role as Director of the Healthy Aging Research Academy (HARA). Dr. Turner is not only a natural fit for this position because his research focuses on the...

Dr. Scott Gordon to Give Healthy Aging Seminar in China

November 6, 2014

Dr. Scott Gordon, Chair of the Department of Kinesiology, is travelling to Shanghai, China in early November to participate in an editorial board meeting for the Journal of Sport and Health Science.  While there, he will also give a seminar at the Shanghai University of Sport (SUS) entitled, “...

Kinesiology Chair to participate in N.C. Research Campus conference

July 25, 2013

Scott Gordon, chair of the Department of Kinesiology, will participate in the 2013 Kannapolis Scholar’s Conference on Lifespan and Nutrition for Health and Vitality, scheduled for Friday, July 26, at the Murdock Core Laboratory Building in Kannapolis. Gordon will be part of the...